Beryl and John Leavesley

John and Beryl Leavesley

Pyreneese Hwy Chewton

To Whom it may concern

It began with a phone call and a visit to our home by Andy. We explained that we wanted an extension that was north facing in order to incorporate the light, the view, and passive heating and cooling.

Our existing home was in a hollow and our view to the north was obstructed; so we felt a top storey would resolve all the problems and issues for us.

Andy discussed his ideas with us, and consulted fully regarding our requirements and attitudes during the next few months. He came up with lots of options and ideas that we would never have thought about. Having finally settled on a plan, he set about finding a builder before finally settling on a plan.

During the building we went to England for a few weeks, during which time Andy liaised with the builder on our behalf.

We are extremely satisfied with the process, the attention to detail, and to the way his designs met our wants. The position and orientation of the extension is something we would never have thought of, and it has given us the extra living space and features that we wanted. After all that, we have no complaints, no alterations necessary, nor things to fix.

We have no hesitation in recommending him to any client.

Beryl and John Leavesley.