Castlemaine Railway Station

A recent upgrade of the Castlemaine Railway Station aimed at creating safer access into the Station with Pedestrian Crossings and raised Kerbing, unfortunately doesn’t work. Rather than creating a safer environment for Pedestrians, it has resulted in a congestion of traffic at the intersection of Templeton and Kennedy Streets. With no clear or direct pedestrian access to the Station from the crossings, they must walk through the carpark and across the path of traffic, including buses, with no security.

This Proposal removes incoming and exiting traffic from the Templeton/Kennedy St Intersection, and centralises pedestrian access away from traffic as much as possible.

A new one way entry and exit offset from intersections will help create a better traffic flow and reduce congestion. Buses currently have trouble navigating the tight turn around cars parked illegally for drop off and pickup. The new traffic flow, will provide buses with easier access and egress.

The Plan adds around 35 new car parking spacesĀ  could be initiated with minimum interference with existing station service, retains all trees, and would create a much safer environment for all users.