Fryers Rd


The adaptive Reuse of 2 MOD 2 School Portables to create a 8.1 Star, Passive Solar Residence on an extremely steep and degraded Site, covered in blackberry and gorse.

The elevated Site offers magnificent views of the surrounding bush covered hills and the ever changing sky.


The MOD2’s were set apart with a link that serves as an airlock and houses the laundry.

The link allowed us to offset the buildings to centralise circulation through the Western Bedroom wing, and keep it to the northern edge of the Eastern Living Wing.

The portables are a simple, highly engineered design, almost perfect for passive solar purposes if oriented correctly.

The curse of most portables when used in schools, is they faced both east and west, and felt the full brunt of uncontrolled heat gain in the mornings and afternoons.

When faced north and south, the eaves clip most unwanted summer sun from the north, and can provide cooling through breezes from the south.

We sat the portable structures, over a blockwork garage to elevate the living spaces and  to maximize the views.

With the help of Fritz Hammersley, we replanted the site with several thousand native Plants from Francis Cincotta’s “Newstead Natives”

The views of the Chewton Hills to the South

The Kitchen was built with recycled cabinet carcasses and recycled hardwood for benchtops.

A large pantry with adjacent fridge, allowed for some wall to the living space to mount a TV

Recycled Oregon Planks made into doors add Texture and warmth.

Oregon is a lightweight softwood, so the doors don’t become too cumbersome.

The Portables were clad in a Concrete Block Veneer.

Windows retrofitted to receive double glazed units.

The Portables sit on a concrete block plinth and piers

Kyneton Cranes and BRB Portables (now Fleetwood Australia) doing what they do best.

The First Section of Portable being craned into position