Jessop St Addition

Vaughan and Silvia’s ambition was to modernise their awkward, 2 bedroom Greensborough house into a 3 bedroom home with open plan living and northern aspect for light and passive solar gain on a very constrained budget. The plan was achieved with a modest extension of 25 square meters and a 20 square meter deck with minimal disturbance to the existing structure.

The well insulated extension breathes new life into the original structure. By demolishing the infilled verandah and extending the existing roofline over a new living and kitchen area, the new extension remains sympathetic with the old.  The benefits of continuity in this case, primarily driven by the extension of existing spaces to achieve a northern aspect within budget, didn’t justify a difference in style. A difference that would, most likely have created complexity in junctions and increased cost.

Thanks to Vaughan Allan and Silvia Paparozzi for the Construction Photos



The Plan





The Demolition Plan





The New and the Old Floor Junctions Expressed




Wall Batts and Insulation Blanket to the underside of the roof










The new roof, sympathetic with existing


















Vaughan, diligently salvaging everything he could.









The infilled verandah and leanto.

An uninviting relationship with the backyard