Tivey Street Renovation

Tivey St Renovation

The Old Railway Hotel Cool Room in Newstead, had at some time in the distant past, been converted into this Tivey St House that needed some Tender Love and Care.

We moved a door to tweak to internal circulation, reconfigured the existing bathroom and laundry and demolished the tack on porch. Other than that, we re-stumped and repaired the floor structure, replaced and insulated the roof, replaced gutters and protected them with gutterĀ  guard, removed and replaced the weatherboards to insulate the walls, painted the exterior, insulated the floor, and installed rodent mesh to the sub floor. It’s with great satisfaction, we have extended the life of this building, as well as it’s livability and comfort.


The House as it was

The Street Frontage

Old Concrete Pavement recycled to create a low sitting wall